Audio Meditations

“Mountain of Presence”

this is a foundational meditation practice that helps you to relax into the ground of grace, and stabilize in true support independent of your personality or history. This powerfully quiets the mind, and so makes an ideal entry into silent meditation. Music: Harmonium & vocals by Miranda Macpherson.

“Graceful Surrender”

this audio meditation helps you to give yourself back to the origin of your being, letting go into the presence that has known and loved you all the days of your life. Music: Harmonium & vocals by Miranda Macpherson.

“Rest in God”

an exquisite, poetic invitation inspired by a workbook lesson in A Course in Miracles, to help you marinade in the light of pure being, and be spiritually restored.
Music: Piano and synthesizer by Robert Norton.

“Be as you Are”

take a true vacation from the source of unnecessary struggle, by receiving this transmission of ego relaxation that invites you to stop right here and now, and open to the Grace that is always here. This makes a perfect 5 minute re-set amidst a busy day.
Music: Harmonium by Miranda Macpherson

“Om Nama Shivaya” mantra:

Sanskrit mantras and prayer powerfully opens the heart, purifies the mind and vivifies our physical and subtle body with vibrations that can dramatically uplift any given day. “Om Nama Shivaya”, is a powerful mukti (liberation) mantra that means “I bow to the Absolute that all ignorance may dissolve”. This is the mantra that I turn into every day, and invite you to do the same. It is a potent way to merge your consciousness with your Divine Nature, and receive the grace of all who have dissolved into this mantra. Play it and sing it upon waking, in the car, whenever you need a hand to return to reality. Take it even further by visualizing yourself dissolving into an infinite ocean of light.

Audio Talks

“The following three talks were recorded live in Marin Country in 2018, that speak to how we can live into Ego Relaxation both as a transmission and also an ongoing practice. In these three talks, Miranda shares what it takes to allow for true surrender through and beyond ego defenses, fear and control, that we all meet as we turn more substantially within:” – then keep the listings as they currently appear:

“Relaxing into the Ground of Grace”

“There is Nothing to Fear”

“Melting the Grip of Control”