Even More Grace Bundle #2

Audio Meditations

“Cultivating Trust”

Spiritual deepening asks you to open into everything – through ego fears and defences, and into the mystery itself. Trust is the anti-dote to fear. It makes you courageous, confident that all will be well if you open, soften and allow. May this meditation help you recognize and receive the boundless love, nourishment and holding that is always available to support your life and practice.

“Unwinding your Core Ego Identity

This is a powerfully transformative practice to harness your core knot of suffering as a gateway to deeper ground of being. Listen whenever you find yourself caught in any kind of ego reaction that disturbs your peace of mind. It begins by grounding you deeply in unconditional love and support, from which you can inquire in and through your sense of dis-connection: the specific ways you lose yourself in a deficient self-image. Listen and be guided in meeting your history, feelings, beliefs, defences and avoidances that typically bump you back up into your story, from undefended presence. Then you can inquire into who you are deeper than your personality, to abide in the indestructible pure presence prior to ‘Me’.

Additional Video:

“Dissolving your core knot of Suffering”

In this inspirational video Miranda introduces you to her powerful ‘diving in and through’ process of inquiry, to help you understand and dissolve the script upon which your ego story unfolds. This is both a teaching and an induction that safely guides you right through the center of your psychic structure – opening up space within so you can witness the feelings, beliefs, conclusions, avoidances, and projections that make up your core knot of suffering. Miranda guides you how to meet yourself from a ground of total compassion for your own humanity, and then she invites you through words and transmission to stretch further to directly inquire into who you are deeper than history.

“Humility: Bowing To the Mystery”

In this audio talk, recorded in 2018 at the Center for Spiritual Awakening in Pacific Grove, CA, Miranda shares how humility helps dissolve the obstacle of subtle pride that if left unaddressed, blocks access to Grace. She addresses how we can move past common confusions and spiritual obstacles, befriend not knowing and let true humility blossom, returning us to right relationship to our self, others and the Source of our being.

“Holistic Inquiry Practice”

This teaching video was created to help you take your practice with any of the inquiry questions in The Way of Grace much further and deeper. Together with Neal Rogin, Miranda demonstrates how the practice of Holistic Self Inquiry works to open your inner doors in body, heart and mind. This instruction can powerfully supercharge your capacity to enter deeper and further into your direct experience. Receiving this nuanced instruction about how inquiry truly works, you will discover there is way more wisdom and richness within you than you dreamed! This instruction video is normally only available to those studying long term in the “Living Grace” sangha.

Video Talks

“The Transforming Power of Grace”

Opening talk taken from a retreat in 2017 at Santa Sabina, CA.
In this opening night talk of a five day retreat, Miranda shares more about this third dimension of Grace, drawing from Sufi and Christian mystical literature on the “Living Water”, and how it moves through us like a waterfall transforming everything it touches. How it dances dances with our sincerity as we engage the transformative spiritual technologies of true forgiveness, love, compassion and dedication to bring an unflinching gaze to the layers of our familiar ego identity.

Audio Talks:

“Rest in God”

Live recordings from Marin “Living Grace” sangha in 2018. Both help us deepen our engagement with these essential transforming principles amidst the grit of our most pressing human concerns.

“Forgiveness: Transforming Heart-Break”

“Loving your Suffering”

Supplemental Material:

“Deepening your Meditation Practice”

Additional written materials on the following topics, to help expand and deepen your practice in meditation, inquiry and prayer. This includes instruction that would only be otherwise available by becoming a long term member of the “Living Grace” sangha.

“Deepening your Meditation Practice”

“Holistic Self Inquiry”

“Prayer Power”