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“Embracing Everything
as Part of God”

There is a world of difference between conceptually understanding the notion of unity, and directly experiencing your nature as part of the one fabric of the Divine. In this article, Miranda shares how we can turn all our everyday experiences, including our human emotional reactions to challenging weather in our lives, into the path of awakening.

“Receiving the Blessings of Grace through TRUST”

In this audio talk, recorded in 2018 at the Center for Spiritual Awakening in Pacific Grove, CA, Miranda speaks to the process of opening into the receptive state of Grace, that we may receive the loving support we truly need to deepen on the path and flourish in our lives. She speaks to the central role that trust plays in this process, what blocks it and what it takes to truly relax back into God, resolving anxiety at the root.

“Be Still and Know that I AM”

The universal invitation of all spiritual practice is to “Be Still”. This simple chant invites you to settle into the inner quiet where peace and stillness reigns forever. It makes a beautiful re-set amidst a busy day, as well as an entry into formal meditation or prayer. The tune emerged many years ago out of my morning practice and was recorded with my friends at the Venwoude Institute in Holland, produced and mixed by Marc Citroen.

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